Thursday, August 25, 2005

New blog

I deleted my old one because I didn't want anyone to figure out who I was just in case they were searching and found it. I want to be honest and say whatever I want too without anyone getting upset. So here goes, not really sure what I'll say or how often i'll post, but it will mainly be my outlet. I need something to keep sane, otherwise I don't know what I'll do except blow up and lose everything that's good in my life. Why can't I just be normal? Am I alone in thinking that no one else goes crazy? well at least the majority of people don't. i know people going through the same things and they're not holding up much better than i am, so that got me thinking that something needs to be done. But what? Honestly, they tell you to take some pills, it'll help, it's not your fault it's the chemical makeup of your body going awry. Is it really? no, my life hasn't been perfect there have been things that would be considered as trauma, but does that explain it? Maybe that's my problem I don't even know why I am like this, so how the hell should I get better when I don't know what I need to fix? Ha! Wow, i'm starting to really sound crazy. Funny thing is those around me think I'm fine, so it's all in my head!!! Anyway, back to reality, gotta go.


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