Monday, September 05, 2005

My much needed rant!!

I'm in a mood! Why is it that everything happens all at once? I feel like it all waits to come up all at once just to see how I explode. There's just way too much going on right now. I'm looking for a job! Yes, need a job, heaven forbid it come easy. I'm not picky at all, but nothing's happening. It's either more experience needed, ok where and how do you get experience without having a chance to work? Or bilingual, don't get me started on that one. I am not racist at all, have no problem with anyone coming here to live legally, however, why should I have to learn a language just to be able to work and support my family when it's my country to begin with? Then with all that's happening in the gulf coast, now they're offering them jobs here, the same jobs I've been trying to get for months now. Again, I know they need help, I'm willing to help and want them to get their lives back on track. I've been distraught about the whole thing, can't watch the news anymore because it really gets me upset to the point that I can't function right, but we live here and we're struggling bad financially. We can't get help from anyone, they can, so why can't I get the jobs? I know I may get a few comments on this one, go ahead, I know you don't know me well enough to know that this is purely a rant, and I am not trying to be a bitch about what's going on in the world. Just needed to get it all out of my head to get some relief.........


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